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West of the moon prologue


Pavia had fallen. The entire northern part of the Deici had fallen to the empire of Hesse like a deck of cards. It had been a master stroke of stupidity. The state of Algajola, envious of Pavia's wealth, invited Hesse to lead it's armies through it's territory to invade it's neighbour. Hesse had then, unsurprisingly to everyone but Algajola, having taken Pavia, invaded it's host. This had started a war of supremacy because Navarra, the only country that was large enough to rival Hesse head to head, could not stand to lose even an inch of ground to Hesse. It had set forth it's navy to take Bastia and Provone, and from there took Calvia and moved towards Venetizia.
The country of Cambrai, trapped between the two warring nations took it's expansions to the New World as it's neighbours fought over the Deici.
In Rennes, the capital of Cambrai, however, Cesare, the young duke of Pavia in exile looked out to the west and sighed, and in Muro, held now by the Hessian empire, a young novice wearing the Papess' mantle had her throat slit.

fic: float 1/ (2-3)

Title: Float 1/?(3)
Author: Seraphim Grace
Feedback: Always appreciated and replied to.
Series : Original
Rating: 18/ NC17

Float for keire_ke
songfic = original universe. The song is Float by Bush on the album golden state

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you know i asked for fanart for it, she obliged me, she was the first person to read this and i was chatting with her when i wrote it so she did the picture as we were talking so you're all to tell her how very very wonderful she is.

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